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Internal audit involves a third-party advisory and review aimed at enhancing operations of the client’s organisation and contribute added value. Audit brings full information to the client’s supervisory bodies on accountability, effectiveness and adequacy of solutions used throughout its organisation.

Our offer

In our auditing services we are able to:

  • audit legal compliance supervision systems and support implementation of official recommendations;
  • audit internal control systems;
  • assess internal audit function’s effectiveness as the internal assurance and advisory unit;
  • audit services licenced by Financial Supervision Authority (KNF), Office of Electronic Communications (UKE), National Bank of Poland (NBP);
  • assess financial operators’ documentary compliance in the area of risk management, and the actual operation of internal risk management processes;
  • review payroll policies for institutions required by the EU to implement variable compensation schemes;
  • audit implementation of expert auditor laws to assess independence of Audit Committee and Supervisory Board members;
  • audit implementation of MiFID II / MiFIR regulations;
  • audit effectiveness of internal AML programmes.

We help implement internal audit systems, including development of adequate policies and procedures as required by laws.

We design audit activity guidelines for Supervisory Boards and General Meetings of Shareholders/Stockholders based on the client risk analysis.

We assist the client in audit guidelines implementation. To that end we:

  • Perform project management;
  • Adjust policies, procedures and other documents;
  • Review correctness of new changes;
  • Provide expert know-how to design structures and solutions.
Risk assessment essential for effective AML/CFT systems

The recently amended Act of 1 March 2018 on counteracting of money laundering and financing of terrorism (“AML Act”) requires “obliged institutions” to carry out the so-called risk assessment (Article 27.1 of AML Act). AML and CFT risks need to be identified and assessed in relation to an organisation’s activity, including risk factors related to […]


Brokerage house perspective on new statutory auditors regulations

On 21 June 2017, a new act on was implemented concerning statutory auditors, auditing firms and public supervision. Works on the new law have been ongoing for almost two years. The new rules implement the EU auditing regulations into the domestic legal environment. The act brings far changes, mainly for firms qualified as public interest […]


Stable ESMA approach to blockchain and cryptocurrencies

On 10 October 2018, during the FinTech conference in Luxembourg, Mr Patrick Armstrong presented the ESMA approach to FinTech, especially DLT that underlies the blockchain protocol and cryptocurrencies. No changes are expected in that regard as ESMA is going to continue observing this technology. Mr Armstrong stressed how important it is for a regulator to […]


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